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You're never alone with MyWitness

The app to have for your personal safety and peace of mind


Personal Safety App

Record video evidence & send it immediately to the cloud

Video recorded by MyWitness is automatically uploaded from your phone to your private cloud storage account. This means that even if your phone is stolen or destroyed, your video evidence is safely stored away from your phone, and you can access it at any time, from anywhere, by logging into your secure MyWitness account from any internet enabled computer, phone or tablet. This data is backed up for a minimum of 3 months to ensure incident data cannot be deleted accidentally or under duress.

Notify multiple contacts via sms and email alerts

Choose your own Personal Response Team – the people you want to be notified when you’re in trouble or need help. Add or delete team members as you wish. When you trigger an alert, these trusted people are all sent an SMS and email notifying them that you need assistance, granting them access to your location and the video footage of your incident for 72 hours. This information will help them assess your situation and co-ordinate a rapid response.

Pinpoint and share your location during an alert

When you trigger a MyWitness alert your GPS location is continuously tracked, stored in your cloud account, and shared with your response team until you choose to end the alert. GPS locations are tagged with time and date stamps and location accuracy to provide an ongoing record of your movements during the alert.

Find family and friends or a lost phone

By linking your account to a friend or family member’s account, you can grant them permission to locate you at any time, not just when an alert is triggered. You can revoke this permission at any time, or just switch off “Remote Tracking” in the settings of the app if you prefer not to be tracked for a while. Turning off remote tracking will not prevent your location being shared with your Response Team if you trigger an alert in an emergency. If your phone is lost or stolen you can locate it by logging into your MyWitness account from any internet enabled device.


Feel Safe,
Be Empowered

MyWitness turns your smart phone into a digital witness that records your immediate surroundings and notifies loved ones when you need help. By combining video audio and GPS technology and storing this data safely in the cloud MyWitness provides peace of mind when you need it most.


Seriously Fast & Easy To Use

MyWitness can be triggered in less than 2 seconds, even from your pocket or handbag. We've designed a Quicktrigger so that you can activate an alert an start recording evidence quickly when time is of the essence.

Rapid Activation - You just never know when you might need help… but who do you call first? How do you get help quickly? MyWitness has been designed with a rapid activation feature to minimise the time it takes to start recording important details of your situation, and the time it takes to send those details to your response team.


Notify Loved Ones Instantly

You can choose the people you trust the most to be on your personal response team (PRT). Whenever you trigger MyWitness, your PRT will receive Email and SMS alerts that you need help, access to your location and the video of your incident. You control if and when your friends and family can track you and view your incidents.


Locate Family & Friends

MyWitness provides a remote tracking feature that allows family members and friends to find each other at any point in time. Has a child not returned home from school, a parent running late to pick you up, or a loved one late home from work or a night out? Don't wait until it's too late. Link accounts and provide extra security and peace of mind for the entire family.