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Crime Statistics

  • Stat_001

    Feel Safe in your Neighbourhood

    Walking safely around our neighbourhoods at night seems to be a thing of the past. As kids we used to play until dark and later if we could get away with it. Today walking home at night, alone, can be a nerve-racking experience. Download MyWitness so that you're not alone. If something does make you nervous you can trigger an alert that starts recording your surroundings. Be sure to turn on the flashlight and tell anyone that's nearby that they are being recorded and sent to your family and friends (Your Personal Response Team). The data you record will be sent to them via email and sms so they can see what's happening. Whilst MyWitness is recording you can call 000 or a member of your team. They can also call you and see where you are as your (GPS) location is being tracked.

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    Feel Safe on Public Transport

    Thousands and thousands of people use buses, trains, taxis and ferries to get home every day. Some are fitted with internal cameras and others aren't. Even a well lit train carriage can be nerve-racking if you're caught in one with the wrong crowd. Security guards are not always around. "Safety in numbers" just hasn't worked out this time. But don't feel like you're alone. Download MyWitness and trigger an alert to let them know they're being recorded. Video, audio and your GPS location is being tracked. If they invade your space or threaten you they will be identified. The data is not stored on your phone but in a private account in the cloud and that data is accessible by your loved ones who can share the information with the police. With MyWitness you're never alone.

  • Stat_003

    Can You Prevent Physical Assault

    Physical assault has featured too often in the news of late and most assaults are not even reported. In those cases where physical assault starts as threatened assault or less, make it your aim to prevent it with MyWitness. If you are personally involved or happen to be witnessing someone else in trouble find your voice and let the offenders know that they could end up on the wrong side of the law. With MyWitness you can record your surroundings sending the video and audio to a private account in the cloud for safe-keeping. This data will then be sent as an email and sms alert to your chosen family and friends (your personal response team) so they can view the situation you're in and determine the best course of action. And of course that action may include calling the police or coming to your aid.

  • Stat_004

    Take Steps to Prevent Bullying

    "Find a voice for someone who can't find theirs" is the campaign NAB is running in support of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's bid to prevent bullying. We only hope that this percentage of onlookers drastically reduces over time and that those that do witness bullying take positive steps to prevent it. The sad reality is that bullying occurs into adult life and even then people stand back and don't say anything. We encourage you to stand up for the rights of others and to protect yourself from such abuse. Use MyWitness to add a layer of personal safety to your everyday activities no matter where you are. A little peace of mind and the support of your friends and loved ones goes a long way. Find out how MyWitness can help you by downloading it today.

  • Stat_005

    How Does Bullying Affect Us

    Bullying is when someone or a group of people with more power repeatedly and intentionally causes hurt or harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Developmentā€™s Building Respectful and Safe Schools (2010) identifies four types of bullying - physical bullying, verbal bullying, covert bullying and cyber-bullying. According to the National Centre Against Bullying, bullying can have damaging effects on both the person bullying and the person being bullied. In some cases, the negative impact of bullying can be long term. Young people who bully over time are more likely to engage in ongoing anti-social behaviour and criminality, have issues with substance abuse, demonstrate low academic achievement and be involved in future child and spouse abuse.

  • Stat_006

    Young Men Need Protection Too

    According to the Australian Institute of Criminology (2011), males are more likely to wind up in court as defendants with 45+ the largest adult age group to be represented. In the children's court 17 year old males appear most often. The Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education (FARE) explains that each year there are 70,000 victims of alcohol-related violence, 24,000 victims of domestic abuse, 20,000 victims of alcohol-related child abuse, 14,000 hospitalisations (3,451 of those with brain injuries) and 367 deaths. As our young men start leading adult lives we need to encourage them to be a part of the solution and to stand up for their mates or those they witness on the wrong end of physical abuse. Talk to your boys about MyWitness today.

  • Stat_007

    Say No to Domestic Violence

    Statistics show that domestic violence is the single biggest cause of death, ill health and disability for women under 45. This type of violence also affects men and children and in most cases the victims are too scared to say anything, to report the abuse or to stand up for themselves. MyWitness was designed to offer a layer of protection to our users by enabling them to record incidents that may threaten their safety. If you are in such a situation and can use MyWitness to record the event you may be able to speak with authorities that can assist you in your situation. We recommend speaking with professionals first about your situation and the best course of action in dealing with,or preventing the abuse from occurring.

  • Stat_009

    Capture the Event

    The following scenario reported on Sky News occurred in Sydney in September 2013. Movie-goers were lucky to escape unhurt after three men and a teenage girl armed with guns and a machete stormed the foyer of a Sydney cinema in a 'brazen and shocking' robbery, police say. The incident at the suburban Roseville Cinemas on Monday night put the lives of families and children at risk, north shore Detective Inspector Carole Dowsen told reporters. 'It was a very brazen attack, something that we actually think is shocking,' Det Insp Dowsen said.

    Robbery in today's society is more brazen than ever before. We are not just talking about daylight robberies in your home but in public places also. Learn how to activate MyWitness quickly and consider keeping your mobile phone on you at all times.

  • Stat_010

    It Must Stop

    The Australian Institute of Family Studies has released a resource sheet on the prevalence of sexual assault - click here .

    Being subjected to sexually harassing behaviours is a particularly common experience for women. It is reported that more than 80 per cent of participants experienced some form of stranger harassment & almost 30 per cent experienced explicitly confrontational forms of harassment. 

    It reports that younger women & single women are more likely to be impacted on by sexual harassment & street harassment. A report also found that younger women in Australia are disproportionately affected by unwanted sexual advances in the workplace. The Australian Human Rights Commission also identified young adults (including both women and men) aged 18-24 as the age group most likely to experience sexual harassment..

  • Stat_011

    Australia Is Not Immune

    White Ribbon is the world's largest male-led movement to end men's violence against women and they share the following on domestic violence in Australia.

    Violence against women is a serious problem in Australia, where at least one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner. Furthermore, Australian Bureau of Statistics data indicates that that one in three Australian women over the age of 15 reports having experienced physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives. The impact of violence against women is widespread and long-standing, generating profound personal, social and economic costs for individuals, communities and the nation. (US$14.7 billion is the cost to Australia so far in 2013)