What does MyWitness cost?

MyWitness is available via the Google Play Store for Android users and the iTunes App Store for Apple users. The MyWitness service requires an active account, which costs $9.99 to purchase. Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclusive of GST, where applicable.

What do I get?

You receive the MyWitness smart phone app with 1GB cloud storage space for video and audio files and archived incident data, 10GB of downloads (for viewing files), the ability to upload video, audio and GPS incident details to your private cloud account and the ability to send emergency alert messages to your nominated Personal Response Team.

MyWitness account holders have full access to view and share the video recordings in their account, and their Personal Response Team will also receive immediate access to recordings sent to them during an incident.

Additionally, you will be able to track your registered MyWitness phone via your online cloud account, allowing you to find a lost or stolen phone, or locate any family member or friend linked to your account. Access to your account can be accessed via the MyWitness website at

Many additional features are in development and being added to the MyWitness solution. As these are released they will be available to existing account holders at no additional charge.

Are there any additional costs?

Data sent by your phone to your MyWitness account, and SMS messages sent to your response team will be charged by your mobile phone provider, so you should remain aware of your data and SMS allowances and any potential charges you may incur on your phone bill.

Why are SMS alerts sent by my phone?

In order to make your alerts as authentic and identifiable as possible, your Personal Response Team needs to know the alerts are coming from you. The SMS they receive when you trigger an alert will come from your number, ensuring they can trust the source of the message.

Email alerts are also sent directly from your MyWitness cloud account, to ensure that if anything happens to your phone, your alert message will still be sent to your Personal Response Team.

Can my Personal Response Team always access my incident videos and details?

If you have sent an alert to your Personal Response Team, they will have limited access to the video and other details of that incident for the next 72 hours. You can revoke this access at any time by logging into your MyWitness account and clicking "Make Private" on the file(s) in your ‘My Incidents’ panel, or deleting the incident entirely.

What happens when I delete an incident from my account?

You can delete incident files from your MyWitness cloud storage account at any time, however the files will remain backed up in secure storage for a minimum of 3 months. This is to ensure that if you accidentally delete, or are compelled to delete any important footage, you will still have the option to retrieve these files at a later date. If you have any issues regarding deleted incidents please contact us via

Does MyWitness run on Blackberry or Windows phones?

Not currently, although we are working on building for these platforms.

As we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality personal safety app which can be activated rapidly in an emergency, we have focused on building for the Android and Apple iOS platforms first. Stay tuned for other platform release dates!

What happens if I run out of storage space?

If you've triggered a lot of alerts, we will let you know when you're running low on storage space, and you can delete old data to free up space. In order to keep you safe, we will not prevent incident data being stored even if you are out of space, however you should manually delete old data within 14 days or it may be automatically deleted to free up storage space.

Can I record an incident without sending alerts to my personal response team?

Sure. When you trigger MyWitness, you can press "Do Not Send Alerts" within 30 seconds to continue recording and storing video and GPS information in your cloud account without sending email or SMS alerts to your team. If you change your mind, you can send alerts immediately by pressing "Send Alerts Now".

Is the video footage continuous?

Video footage is recorded and uploaded in 10 second bursts to ensure that it will be safely stored in your secure MyWitness cloud account in regular and rapid intervals in case your phone is dropped, damaged or stolen during an alert, and to enable footage to be available to your Personal Response Team within moments of triggering an alert.

Most current phone models require a "shutter speed" of about 1 second between ending a recording and beginning another one, so there may be some small gaps in footage. As long as an alert is active however, MyWitness will continue to record and upload these clips automatically until you chose to end recording. Our phones (and their cameras) are continually getting faster and more powerful, and the "shutter speed" is also speeding up rapidly with new models.

How much bandwidth/data does MyWitness use?

Video uploaded by the app to your MyWitness account uses approximately 24MB per minute of recorded footage. This amount may vary a little, depending on the quality of your phone's camera.

Will MyWitness drain my phone's battery?

MyWitness sleeps in the background of your phone, ready whenever you need to trigger it quickly. This process will use a small amount of power, but should not lessen your battery life between charges by a noticeable amount. Constant use of GPS tracking can drain your phone's battery more rapidly, however this only occurs during an active alert or if you are remotely tracking your device..

Do I need GPS location services enabled on my phone?

Yes. Due to security settings in Android and Apple devices, the MyWitness app cannot automatically enable GPS settings if they are switched off. We suggest leaving GPS and location services switched on at all times. If GPS is not enabled, MyWitness will still record video and store it in your cloud account, however it may not be able to determine your location or will only be able to obtain a location from cell towers which can greatly reduce tracking accuracy.

What if my phone cannot find me even if my GPS and location services are turned on?

We suggest restarting your phone whenever you download or update the MyWitness app. Restarting your phone can clear old data that may interfere with GPS settings.

GPS technology is also sometimes limited when indoors; if you do not have a phone or internet connection signal, GPS may not be able to identify/track your location. We suggest moving near a window or outside; anywhere with clear line of sight to the sky should allow GPS to find you.

How accurate are the blue and red location pins on maps?

You can click on the pins when viewing location information on the map to find out how accurate each location fix is.

Often the blue pin, which indicates the first location data received during an alert, may not be very accurate. This location is pulled from nearby cellphone towers in order to get a rapid but less accurate approximation of your location (this should work even if your phone cannot access GPS satellites or has GPS switched off, as long as you have some mobile reception).

Every second the MyWitness alert is running will update the location data and provide better accuracy, adding red pins to the map. With a GPS lock, red pins can provide locations accurate to 2-3m (<10ft). In addition to displaying the time and accuracy of each location when you click on a map pin, you can also request directions to that location.

Does MyWitness work anywhere?

As long as you have mobile or Wi-Fi internet access, triggering MyWitness will update your cloud account with your GPS and video data. If no access is available, the MyWitness app will store all data on your phone and transmit it as soon as internet access is detected.

MyWitness has been designed to operate internationally and is currently in testing in many countries around the world. We invite users from all countries to try our service and hope it may enhance your peace of mind by providing the confidence and security you deserve.

Why can't I find my incident videos on my phone?

To ensure your phone memory doesn't become full and prevent recording, video is deleted from your phone as soon as it is uploaded to your cloud account. This also prevents any assailant from checking your phone to see if you captured their image. If no network access is available, data still stored on your phone is hidden in protected memory until it can be uploaded. This prevents the data from being found and deleted.

Where is MyWitness cloud data stored?

MyWitness uses Amazon S3 servers to securely store your incident data. This enables us to ensure that servers are available 99.9999% of the time, under Amazon's uptime guarantee. Depending on your location, data may be stored on Amazon servers located in any of the following places: Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Ireland (EU) or the USA.

Is my data private?

MyWitness takes your privacy very seriously, and we are committed to protecting both you and any footage or other data stored in your account. Our goal is to provide you with a powerful tool to protect yourself and the people you care about, and to leave you in complete control of how you use this tool. MyWitness employees will never access your account or its contents without your express permission, except under lawful order to assist authorities in your absence. Detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

What should my personal response team do if they get an alert?

Your Personal Response Team will receive an email and SMS link to your incident, so that they can track your phone's location in real-time, and view the video footage you're uploading. They can determine what kind of trouble you might be in and come to your assistance, or notify the authorities. If possible, the MyWitness website where they are viewing your incident may also suggest contact numbers for the nearest police station or other emergency services based on your location. It is important that you discuss the MyWitness app with your Personal Response Team and any response/action that may be required by them in times of need.

What are the requirements for MyWitness?

MyWitness requires a smartphone running Android (v4.1 or later), or Apple iOS (v6.1 or later) with at least 60MB available storage space, and a mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection.

How do I use MyWitness?

Detailed instructions are available here.

Can I use the Quicktrigger feature on the Apple (IOS) version?

Due to current hardware restrictions on Apple customers will not be able to use the Quicktrigger feature available on the Android platform. Users on the Apple platform can use the MyWitness icon on their screen to trigger the app in Quick Launch mode.

Quick Launch mode allows you to activate an emergency alert directly from the screen icon; it will launch MyWitness and begin recording automatically. Quick Launch is set "OFF" as the default upon downloading MyWitness. If you decide you want to use Quick Launch from the icon simply change your preference in the settings menu.

Walking to your car at night?

Walking alone through your neighbourhood?

Waiting for a taxi in the dark?

Going on a blind date?

Waiting to be picked up from school?

Dealing with a fender-bender?

Party getting out of hand?

On public transport late at night?

Leaving a work function by yourself?

You're never alone with MyWitness
We aim to act as a strong deterrent to crime

Ultimately, with increased public awareness of MyWitness, we aim to act as a strong deterrent to crime by ensuring that criminals are aware that citizens can now protect themselves swiftly and non-violently with a digital witness system which cannot be intimidated or destroyed.

Adam Jones Director MyWitness Pty Ltd