Walking to your car at night?

Walking alone through your neighbourhood?

Waiting for a taxi in the dark?

Going on a blind date?

Waiting to be picked up from school?

Dealing with a fender-bender?

Party getting out of hand?

On public transport late at night?

Leaving a work function by yourself?

You're never alone with MyWitness
We aim to act as a strong deterrent to crime

Ultimately, with increased public awareness of MyWitness, we aim to act as a strong deterrent to crime by ensuring that criminals are aware that citizens can now protect themselves swiftly and non-violently with a digital witness system which cannot be intimidated or destroyed.

Adam Jones Director MyWitness Pty Ltd


No More Deaths Campaign

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No More, Full Stop.

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Violence knows no gender divide

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No, it does not. We can all agree with Gary Johns about that. But does that give him the right to be critical of “Our Watch” and Natasha Stott Despoja for declaring “Violence against women is a n...

Breaking the Silence

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White Ribbon Australia has created the program “Breaking the Silence” to encourage respect for others and to prevent violence against girls and women.

The program is suitable for both pri...

Victoria Police to Examine Sexual Harassment within the Force

Posted 2015-02-25 23:00
This is not what you expect from the very people who are in authority to protect women from predatory and reprehensible behaviour.

The Victorian Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has called for an ...