Refund Policy

MyWitness Refund and Cancellation Policy

This Refund and Cancellation Policy forms part of the MyWitness Subscription Terms and capitalised words or phrases in this document have the meanings given in those Subscription Terms.

You may have non-excludable legal rights and remedies in your jurisdiction, such as Consumer Rights [including the Australian Consumer Law]. This Refund and Cancellation Policy is in addition to those rights and is not intended to exclude or limit those rights.

7 Day Free Trial Period

All new customers are granted a 7 Day Free Trial Period to access and use the Application and related services before any payment for their subscription is processed. At the end of this period, subscription fees will be charged automatically. Customers may cancel the subscription at any time during this 7 Day Free Trial Period to avoid subscription processing. The 7 Day Free Trial Period is limited to one per customer, and additional subscription registrations by the same user will not receive an additional Free Trial and may result in immediate processing of subscription fees.

Subscription cancellation for purchases made via Google Play (Android in-app purchase)

Customers may cancel their subscription at any time during the 7 Day Free Trial Period by accessing the Google Play Store via the account used to purchase the subscription and either navigating to the MyWitness app page or accessing the My Apps menu and selecting the MyWitness app listed therein. A "Cancel Subscription" button is available here. Upon cancellation, no charges will be processed at the end of the Free Trial Period, and access to the MyWitness app will be blocked. Pressing "Cancel Subscription" after the Free Trial Period has expired will cause the subscription to show as "cancelled", however customers will still retain access to the subscription, app and service until the expiry of the full subscription period. See Google's Terms for further details. Refunds may be issued after the Free Trial Period has expired; see below for further information.

Cancellation requests made within 10 business Days of the start of your Subscription 

MyWitness is happy to accept requests for cancellations which are notified to MyWitness at within 10 business days of the date your Subscription Period commences, provided that you have not used and continue not to use the Application since the expiry of the 7 Day Free Trial Period

MyWitness will process requests as soon as reasonably practicable.

If MyWitness approves your cancellation request, we will provide you with a refund of the Charges for the relevant Subscription Period.

When MyWitness notifies you that your request has been approved, you must delete all copies of the Application from any Devices, and ensure other Users who are covered by your Subscription do the same.

It is your responsibility to tell members of your User Group (and your PRT, if different) that you have cancelled your Subscription.

Other requests for refunds and cancellations

If you think there may be a problem with the Application or would like to request a refund and/or cancel your Subscription for any other reason, please contact us at with your name, contact details and a full description of your request or query.

Please note that, other than as set out at paragraph 1 above, or to the extent permitted by law, MyWitness does not accept responsibility to provide a refund or replace the Application in the following circumstances:

  • your Device does not meet the system requirements set out in paragraph 5 of the Subscription Terms
  • you do not like the way the Application works or decide you do not need it;
  • the Application does not work due to your fault (e.g. you input incorrect contact details for a PRT member, meaning that we cannot alert them to your Emergency Notifications);
  • one or more of your nominated PRT members decline to accept your nomination; and/ or
  • you have insufficient mobile network or GPS coverage for the Application to work effectively.

Please also note that you will not have access to any Content from 10 days after your refund or cancellation request has been approved. Note, however, that Content uploaded via "Emergency Mode" activation will be retained for a minimum of 3 months, even after cancellation or termination. Please see the Subscription Terms for more information.

Walking to your car at night?

Walking alone through your neighbourhood?

Waiting for a taxi in the dark?

Going on a blind date?

Waiting to be picked up from school?

Dealing with a fender-bender?

Party getting out of hand?

On public transport late at night?

Leaving a work function by yourself?

You're never alone with MyWitness
We aim to act as a strong deterrent to crime

Ultimately, with increased public awareness of MyWitness, we aim to act as a strong deterrent to crime by ensuring that criminals are aware that citizens can now protect themselves swiftly and non-violently with a digital witness system which cannot be intimidated or destroyed.

Adam Jones Director MyWitness Pty Ltd