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User Guide



Step 1

Sign Up

If you do not already have a MyWitness Account please sign up now.


To sign up on your device, click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the app home screen. This will lead to a short form. Fill in your details, accept the terms and conditions and submit.


Step 2


If you have not yet downloaded and installed the MyWitness app onto your device, please be sure to visit the applicable app store and search for MyWitness.


Step 3

Enable Location Services

This is necessary to ensure MyWitness will work for you when you need it most. All data recorded by MyWitness is sent straight to your private account in the cloud. The data is not stored on your device. We do this to ensure the data cannot be destroyed; so that it remains protected if something does happen to you or your phone.


Step 4


A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided during the sign-up process. Confirm your account by clicking the link supplied.

Now you can go back to the MyWitness App and sign in using the email and password provided previously when signing up. Once you complete these steps your MyWitness Account will be live and the app will be linked to your private cloud storage account.


Set up Your Account

3. Set up your Personal Response Team

Your personal response team is the team of individuals that you would like to notify if your personal safety is compromised or if you need help.
Click either the blue PRT button (Manage your Team), or the settings button (the cog icon) in the top right hand corner of the App Home Screen to set up or edit your personal response team.

Follow the steps as shown on the app.

Click “Add a team member” – your existing phone contact list will appear. Choose the first member you would like on your team - This will pre-populate the known fields; First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile if they are stored in your contact’s details.

It is important that you complete all blank fields to ensure that your Personal Response Team will be notified in an emergency.

At least one communication method is required as this is where the MyWitness alerts will be sent if anything happens to you. You increase the likelihood of people responding to an alert if you include both a mobile number and an email address.

IMPORTANT: Each personal response team member will be sent a confirmation message to accept your request; they will be sent an email and sms, depending on the details supplied.

Your PRT Members must accept the request to be added as a member of your team. You may wish to speak with them directly to inform them of this request.

Once your PRT members confirm the request they will appear under the response team tab in the app settings.

Note: You may also add PRT members via our website by logging into your account, which can be accessed via


Step 6


Test your MyWitness alerts a few times and check with your PRT members that everything has been set up properly.

Please note: if you experience any faults or issues with MyWitness, its activation, or your GPS tracking please RESTART your phone as your first step in fixing the problem.
This is known to correct a large number of app problems across most platforms and devices.

We wish you all the best, and feel free to contact support if you have any further issues