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When to use it

Personal Safety

Life is unpredictable and safety cannot always be guaranteed. You just never know when you might need help...

MyWitness has been designed for those times when you're in danger, feel threatened or need help. Once installed MyWitness sits silently in the background of your phone ready to record details in such circumstances. The data you record is sent to a secure storage facility in the cloud for safe-keeping. Your Personal Response Team can respond to the data captured and coordinate a response if need be. MyWitness ensures your loved ones can help if you need it. Use MyWitness when you feel your personal safety is at risk.


When to use it

Protect Loved Ones

We never want to hear that our children, family or friends are in danger or have been harmed in any way.

While some circumstances are unavoidable, MyWitness can provide a layer of security in times where our smart phones are readily accessible. Ensure all family members download MyWitness and promote it within your community. The strength of protection grows with the number of people who use it. Talking about MyWitness, how it works and when to use it is highly recommended.


When to use it

Record Evidence

If you see someone being attacked, it is not wise to approach the situation, but doing nothing feels wrong.

MyWitness provides an opportunity to remain inconspicuous and provide help. By recording potential evidence your Personal Response Team will be instantly alerted. They may be able to contact the authorities on behalf of the victim. Alternatively, the evidence may be provided to authorities at a later time for further investigation. As more and more incidents are captured by MyWitness users, the profile of the app will grow - it will be mentioned more often in the media and within our communities - and we hope this will act as a deterrent to criminal activity and lower the risks for us all.


When NOT to use it

Emergency Response

While MyWitness can be useful in dangerous situations, it is not a replacement for emergency services.

Common sense should be used when activating a MyWitness alert. If you feel your life, or the life of others, is at risk of immediate danger and you can call 000 (triple zero) please do so.